Monday, November 06, 2023

I busted Google red-handed unfairly censoring USA Congressman Matt Gaetz, and I will continue to expose the truth about how Google is unfairly censoring Conservative websites, and Republican Politicians.

Apparently Google is nervous about me exposing the truth about how Google is unfairly censoring conservative websites, and Republican USA Senators and Congressman.

I made a post on Parler, which Google saw and within a few minutes Google fixed the evil search results I exposed.

The problem for Google, is that they cannot fix screen shots (ha ha).

Picture of the Google founders.

We start with an excellent Breitbart article that Google is unfairly censoring.

Please see the screen shot from the Bing search.

Now we bust Google red-handed unfairly censoring and USA Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Please notice how Google is using the Leftard website MotherJones, to defame USA Congressman Matt Gaetz.
How would the socialist Democrats feel if they cut and pasted a large amount of text from MotherJones and a Breitbart article came up #1? With MotherJones missing from the search results completely.
I think they would be very unhappy and upset and would want to make it illegal. Now please consider that this is happening to millions of people around the world, and on many billions of documents and articles.
It is all built into the Google AI software.

It is Google having total control of the Internet, and they can manipulate hundreds of millions of votes in every country on earth.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Twitter employees do not believe in free speech. See the undercover video. Google is a Publisher and NOT a Platform.

See proof of how Google unfairly censors Republican Congressman, Conservatives, and me ... etc.

Please notice in the Google search results link above, how even if you search for a large amount of text from this article below, that evil Google censors me. This is one of many methods that Google uses to unfairly interfere and manipulate elections.

Google is clearly operating as a Publisher and not a Platform.
I always refer to Google as my Publisher.

Twitter employees are extreme liberals that do not believe in free speech. Google and Twitter collude to unfairly censor authors, I sent the evidence to the DOJ.

Please watch the video below.

Google and Twitter collude to unfairly censor and silence conservatives, Republicans, Christians, politicians, etc. There is a lot of evidence that proves this fact.
Google illegally spies on people and unfairly censors some of my articles.

I have reported Google and Twitter multiple times to the DOJ, and since they are also liberals nothing is done to stop the illegal activities of Google and Twitter.

Google will lie about the number of views this video receives and delete many of the comments.
Google tries to make it appear that no one is interested in the video or topic, when there are millions of people that want to see this video.

Google also censors reviews, especially reviews of doctors. I wrote a review of two different Cardiologists, one that almost killed me by his terrible mistakes and one by a great Cardiologist that saved my life. Google unfairly censored my review of the doctor that almost killed me.
Why is Google protecting bad medical doctors?

You cannot trust Google or Twitter as they collude to stop freedom of speech, and illegally interfere and manipulate elections worldwide.

Created using free text to video AI software

Monday, June 19, 2023

Most Dems, with whom I speak, say they are voting for Biden, because they don't like and are against Trump. In that moment when they say, "I can't believe you would vote for Trump".

 Why I am voting ...

Most Dems, with whom I speak, say they are voting for Biden, because they don't like and are against Trump. In that moment when they say, "I can't believe you would vote for Trump". 

I simply reply “I'm not just voting for Trump.” I'm voting for the First Amendment and freedom of speech. I'm voting for the Second Amendment and my right to defend my life and my family. I'm voting for the next Supreme Court Justice(s) to protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’m voting for the continued growth of my retirement 401K and the stock market. I’m voting for a return of our troops from foreign countries and the end to America’s involvement in foreign conflicts. I'm voting for the Electoral College & the Republic we live in. I'm voting for the Police to be respected once again and to ensure Law & Order. 

I’m voting for the continued appointment of Federal Judges who respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’m voting for our jobs to remain in America and not be outsourced all over again to China, Mexico and other foreign countries. I’m voting for secure borders and legal immigration. I'm voting for the Military & the Veterans who fought for this Country to give the American people their freedoms. I’m voting for continued peace progress in the middle east. I’m voting to fight against human/child trafficking. I’m voting for Freedom of Religion. I'm voting for the American Flag that is disrespected by the Democratic Party. I'm voting for the right to speak my opinion & not be censored. I'm not just voting for one person, I'm voting for the future of my Country. I'm voting for my children and my grandchildren to ensure their freedoms and their future. 

What are you voting for?

Saturday, June 17, 2023

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