Friday, March 11, 2016

Political Views From Around the World. Many Countries World-wide are having Presidential Elections.

Below are excerpts from emails on different political views from people around the world.

These are edited emails with names deleted to protect some people.
I will always tell people world-wide that America has many problems however we have less corruption than any other county.

Hello Tom,

Here in Philippines, we also have almost the same presidential ideal.

I’m personally voting for Rodrigo Duterte. Because of all the politicians here in Philippines only he immediately responded to the Typhoon Haiyan victims and was personally there and leading his rescue team when he was the mayor of Davao City. He also allotted his budget for emergency fund to those affected. Unlike other politicians who froze the emergency fund to plan for their political advantage strategies to take advantage of the situation.

“Mayor Rody Duterte” as people call him, was asked by people of the Philippines to run for presidency and it is the Filipino people who funded and acted for his campaign. He did not want to be a president but ran to sacrifice his own retirement for the people of the Philippines. He is a tough mayor in his town and all criminals are afraid of him because of his vigilance and love to those who are victimized.
He is a lawyer and a very good economist as well.

If he will win this coming election, the Philippines will change into a new world and a better world.

But most of the politicians here will cheat during election especially in presidency and the election ballot are electronically hacked by their own creators to favor the highest bidding candidate. This is sad but true. I hope I will be one of those who screens the source code of the system so I could device a plan of audit and deployment.

I hate corrupt government.

I hope your president will win.. and I hope mine too.. God willing!