Monday, September 27, 2021

I busted Google red-handed unfairly censoring USA Congressman Matt Gaetz, and I will continue to expose the truth about how Google is unfairly censoring Conservative websites, and Republican Politicians.

Apparently Google is nervous about me exposing the truth about how Google is unfairly censoring conservative websites, and Republican USA Senators and Congressman.

I made a post on Parler, which Google saw and within a few minutes Google fixed the evil search results I exposed.

The problem for Google, is that they cannot fix screen shots (ha ha).

Picture of the Google founders.

We start with an excellent Breitbart article that Google is unfairly censoring.

Please see the screen shot from the Bing search.

Now we bust Google red-handed unfairly censoring and USA Congressman Matt Gaetz.

Please notice how Google is using the Leftard website MotherJones, to defame USA Congressman Matt Gaetz.
How would the socialist Democrats feel if they cut and pasted a large amount of text from MotherJones and a Breitbart article came up #1? With MotherJones missing from the search results completely.
I think they would be very unhappy and upset and would want to make it illegal. Now please consider that this is happening to millions of people around the world, and on many billions of documents and articles.
It is all built into the Google AI software.

It is Google having total control of the Internet, and they can manipulate hundreds of millions of votes in every country on earth.

With modern search engines if you use 32 keywords cut and pasted from a unique web page, there is a .000000000000000000002% chance Google would produce such bias search results. Clearly Google put a lot of time and diabolic thought to come up with these evil ideas.
I think the only ones smart and powerful enough at Google to achieve this strategy of worldwide election manipulation our the Google founders. 

Note: Somehow Google had the pictures of the Google founders taken off the link above.
So now there is a new link with their picture, let's see how long it take Google to make this site take the picture down. It is silly that Google wants to hide the founders pictures when I have a long video of an internal Google company meeting with the founders.

Please watch this internal Google company meeting with the Google founders just after President Trump won the 2016 election.
You can decide for yourself.

Now please look at the search results for DuckDuckGo for the exact same text.

Please see the copy of my email below.

From: Tom Forrest <>
Sent: Thursday, March 4, 2021 9:57 PM
To:;;;;;;; AG Webteam [AG <>;;;;;;;; Tom Forrest <>
Subject: FYI --->

I will also send a copy to Ken Paxton, AG of Texas.

Kind regards,

Tom Forrest
Google Victim


Please watch this undercover video to learn how Google is illegally manipulating elections worldwide. 

YouTube/Google lies about the number of views and deletes the comments. I have sent over 90,000 people to see this video and Google has deleted my comments five times and I have the screen shots to prove it.

The USA government should have never let the #1 and #3 websites in traffic combine forces to become the largest censor in the world, Google is worse than Communist China.

Learn how Google illegally manipulates elections worldwide. It is very scary to learn the truth, yet you need to know.
Free and fair elections are gone.
Dr. Epstein's life is in danger, he is an American Hero. He has been warned that his life is in danger by multiple state Attorney Generals.

 Microsoft/Bing has now colluded with Google, and is unfairly censoring GotoTom and GotoTom2 blogs. 
 3-26-21 - Bing is Busted screenshot.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

USA Senator Ted Cruz exposes the human disaster corrupt Joe Biden has caused at the USA border, childen are being abused and exposed to Covid, etc.


The illegal migrant from Guatemala, who had just run across patches of scrub-land between Mexico and the USA, refused to give her name. She was handed a plastic bag to stow her few belongings — hoop earrings, a creased card with an image of the Virgin Mary. She was told to remove the laces from her mud-caked sneakers. Laces and belts can be used as weapons, or to commit suicide, and Border Patrol agents demand they be removed as soon as people are caught.

Asked if she had traveled by herself to the border, the slight young woman who appeared to be in her 20s replied boldly:
“I am not alone. God is with me.”



The number of illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border so far this fiscal year has hit a 10-year high, with more than four months still to go in the fiscal year -- as the Biden administration struggles to contain a continuing crisis at the southern border.

The number of migrants encountered at the border in May was more than 180,000, a massive spike over the 23,000 encountered during the same month in 2020 -- and nearly 40,000 over the highest month of the 2019 border crisis, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced this week.

  USA Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn unfairly censored by Google.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced last week it encountered more than 178,000 migrants in April, a jump of over 900% compared to April 2020. CBP encountered 178,622 migrants in April trying to enter the U.S., a 3% increase over the 172,000 encountered the previous month, which had been the highest number in 20 years. 

George W. Bush said:
"What you’re seeing is a border that reflects a broken system, and there needs to be changes," he continued. "There need to be changes in work visas, so people don’t have to sneak in to do work that needs to be done in America; there need to be changes in the asylum system to be able to adjudicate cases quickly."


Five abandoned migrant girls, all under the age of 7, were discovered Sunday by a Texas farmer on his land in Quemado, near the Rio Grande River.

Rep. Tony Gonzales, R-Texas, spoke with the farmer who said he found the "baby girls" hungry and crying. He said one was naked and was crawling because she was too young to walk.

The farmer said it was very hot so he provided them shelter and gave them some food before authorities arrived. He said he did not believe they would have survived if he had not spotted them.

The incident seemed to underscore the worsening situation along the southern border. The farmer told Gonzales that he lived on the farm since 1946 and he never experienced such conditions.


Google is unfairly censoring Ted Cruz and this GotoTom Blog.