Wednesday, February 15, 2023


Article updated 4-13-23 

Below is from several years ago.

Wayne Gretzky is probably the greatest athlete that ever lived. I am not a hockey fan, I just make this statement based on the fact he was so supremely dominant in his sport. Wayne Gretzky set even more records than Michael Jordan has in basketball, or any football or baseball player, etc. Above, is his highlight video and he is very nice down to earth gentleman that I see and talk with in Thousand Oaks, CA and Westlake Village, CA. 
The last time I saw him was at lunch at Tuscany restaurant, and it was very funny because at first I did not see Wayne, I just saw his wife Janet Jones and I thought she was the famous female comedian  Chelsea Handler.

There are many famous movie stars and celebrities living the Malibu, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village area. Sometimes I see Britney Spears in Starbucks just sitting there by herself.

Janet (Wayne's wife) did not really appreciate my innocent mistake, however Wayne thought this was very funny, and he said to me "so now I am married to Chelsea Handler". 
We had a good laugh and I apologized to his wife and told her she was ten times more beautiful than Chelsea Handler. This is why I like Wayne Gretzky so much, because we have the same sense of humor and like to laugh at mistakes like this.