Sunday, January 29, 2017

Roger Federer Wins his 18th Tennis Grand Slam, He is the Greatest Tennis Player of all Time

Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player ever. He has amazing mental toughest and if you watch his interview below you can try to understand how his mind thinks and how he mentally prepares himself to win his 18th Grand Slam event the 2017 Australian open.
Also Nadal and Federer are both professional and classy in their interview comments and have huge respect for each other.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Adopt a Homeless Person

Ritchie - Mentally ILL Homeless Person Video 
His real name is Ritch R. Cantwell and he has severe schizophrenia.
I wish I did a better job in the video interviewing Ritch as I was nervous, afraid and had only recently met Richie.

Project Adopt a Homeless Person
Email Tom Forrest

The Story of Ritch, PJ and Bones the Sick and Weak Homeless people I am Helping. I purchased a phone for Bones, and Bones and Richie may now use my home address.

New Updates
I am feeling very disappointed in people as I only a few people helping me and donating money.

Mary S. donated $20 and Steve D. donated $6, any dollar amount is fine and helps us.
I told Richie and Bones - Ray C. donated $200 - they were both very happy.

Scientific Facts About Aging Backwards by Miranda Esmonde-White

If you research what Miranda Esmonde-White says you will see she is factually correct and several studies prove she is telling the truth.
You can also use light weights and higher repetitions to help develop muscle mass and in conjunction with a full body stretch using all 620 muscles in the human body. Do not over exercise, you just need light workouts.