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Adopt a Homeless Person

Ritchie - Mentally ILL Homeless Person Video 
His real name is Ritch R. Cantwell and he has severe schizophrenia.
I wish I did a better job in the video interviewing Ritch as I was nervous, afraid and had only recently met Richie.

Project Adopt a Homeless Person
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The Story of Ritch, PJ and Bones the Sick and Weak Homeless people I am Helping. I purchased a phone for Bones, and Bones and Richie may now use my home address.

New Updates
I am feeling very disappointed in people as I only a few people helping me and donating money.

Mary S. donated $20 and Steve D. donated $6, any dollar amount is fine and helps us.
I told Richie and Bones - Ray C. donated $200 - they were both very happy.

Most people including me do not do enough to help homeless people.  I think about it a lot and I do some good work with my friend Charles. I once saved a single mother from being put out into the streets at Christmas, but I could do more, we all could do more.

Yesterday I was at Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks and somehow God told me to adopt this near death, sickly homeless man, named Bones.  His real name is Robert, and it is easy to guess why his nickname is Bones (he weighs about 99 lbs.). Now I am thinking about making a video about Bones life story.

The Internet has been good to me, however I have had too many legal problems in the last few years (at least I have many tax write offs), so project Adopt a Homeless Person will be good for me.

Please read below to learn more from emails I have been sending about Bones.

I just thought of a fantastic idea for Bones.
I will take him to 24 Hour Fitness twice a week and let him enjoy a steam bath, shower, shave, etc.  
He looks too weak to do any exercise currently.  Maybe after I fatten him up at Whole Foods.
Then I have to work on all the stuff Patti said, she is the reason this blog is named Polymath blog, she is the real polymath, I am just a pretender.  Bones also needs clothes, shoes, medical, dental, etc.  Yes it is a lot of work to adopt a mentally ill, heart problem(s) homeless person and this is precisely why I am asking for your help.  I would like to hire staff to help many more homeless people.  I already have several people that need work and are ready to help me.

I think this will really make him happy.


From: Tom Forrest
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2015 6:50 AM
To: Patti
Cc: Tom Forrest
Subject: RE: I have adopted a homeless guy named Bones ...

Hi Patti,

Yes I am going to see Bones again and help him.  All I can say is that somehow Bones touched my heart, as I do not help many homeless people.
Sometimes (rarely) I feel like God sends signals to me, this only happens a few times a year, and I feel God is calling on me to solve problems for other people and to straighten out evil people in the world.

Bones looked really bad to me, like a guy that is going to die soon.

He hangs out at Whole Foods because he has to wait until late at night to go to his secret homeless camp (shack) with the waterbed.  I am going to tell Bones I do not think the water bed is good for him unless he has a way to heat it.  Maybe he does?  I am a scientist/engineer and I had to know how did he get a water bed to a secret camp off of the 9th hole of the golf course.  Bones told me he bought a pump from the salvation army store and filled up the water from the near by creek.  I just smiled at Bones and said, "Good work Bones."
Also Bones has a dream of being able to afford to shop in Whole Foods one day, so I am going to do that for him many times.

From now on when I see Bones at Whole Foods, I am taking him shopping and I will tell him to buy whatever he wants.
I think this will make Bones extremely happy.

Best regards,
Tom Forrest

From: Patti
Sent: Friday, March 13, 2015 6:34 AM
To: Tom Forrest
Subject: Re: I have adopted a homeless guy named Bones ...

Wow - have you arranged to see him again?
Of course you shouldn't change - generosity is a rare and exceptional quality.
One way to help him is to get him on food stamps medi-cal and SSI - chances are he would qualify for all sorts of assistance - what usually impacts the homeless is the lack of an address and phone - so a po box and prepaid phone is critical - there's an office in the oaks shopping complex.
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On Mar 12, 2015, at 11:45 PM, Tom Forrest wrote:
Bones has lived on the 4th hole of the golf course for 14 years.  He built himself a little shack and it even has a waterbed, no kidding.

So I bought Bones dinner, he is very skinny, and has other serious health problems with his heart and  mental illness, he recently spent a month+ in the hospital.

Then I started to cry a little when I saw the look on Bones face when he was eating with me. We dined on delicious pizza and smoked pork shank. Bones looked like the happiest man in the world, I think he was starving.  He ate the food I gave him like he had not eaten in days.
The best part is that when I left, Bones told me “to never change the way I am.”

I will use 90% of any donations I receive to adopt and help as many homeless people as possible.  Bones told me since he now trusts me; he will take me to homeless camps and introduce me to other homeless people that need to be adopted. 
Please email a link to this web page to as many people as possible. Thank you for any help you can give me, this is a worthy endeavor. What percentage of donations go to charity.