Wednesday, July 08, 2020

Google and Larry Page are Busted again for the 40th time illegally violating my Civil Rights

You are my Publisher.
What are the names of the people that are manually reviewing my content and deciding what content to censor and what content not to censor?

Please tell me their names and show me their resumes, I want to see the background of the humans that are manually reviewing and deciding the fate of my excellent content.
From my experience with Google, the people that are reviewing and deciding to censor my content are not even qualified to work as a free intern at my company.
Larry, please explain this.

Hello Larry,

Please explain why Google would not censor this web page:

However it is important for Google to illegally censor 96% of any political articles I write?
Why is Google censoring these pages?

Larry, you do not censor my useless illegally suspended twitter link, however the two articles above must be censored by Google.
Please explain how Google is not a Publisher, and is currently not in violation of section 230?

From: Tom Forrest
Sent: Friday, July 3, 2020 8:08 AM
Cc: Tom Forrest ;;;; AG Webteam [AG] ;;;;;;;
Subject: You are so BUSTED, you really are a dumb criminal.
Importance: High


Why would my resume be on the 1st page of Google for 15+ years and now all of a sudden it is on page 7.

You are so busted it is laughable. Larry, you are a criminal joke.
This is exactly why the US civil rights laws were created.

From: Tom Forrest
Sent: Friday, July 3, 2020 7:48 AM
Cc:;;; AG Webteam [AG] <>;;;;;;;; Tom Forrest <>
Subject: RE: Why would Google show my "illegally suspended" twitter account in their search results?
Importance: High

Remember I explained to you that you are a relentless scoundrel, this is exactly what I mean.

You illegally get busted reading my gmails, my families gmails, my friends gmails, my workers gmails, then you get busted illegally spying on me via Chrome.
Next you illegally tried to download Google custom spyware on my Android phone and on my computer.
Now You try to harm me and make me look bad on your search engine.
When will it ever STOP?

I think if you are arrested and charged with the felonies you committed against me it might stop.

From: Tom Forrest
Sent: Friday, July 3, 2020 7:18 AM
Cc:;;; AG Webteam [AG] <>;;;;;;;; Tom Forrest <>
Subject: RE: Why would Google show my "illegally suspended" twitter account in their search results?
Importance: High

From: Tom Forrest
Sent: Friday, July 3, 2020 7:16 AM
Cc: Tom Forrest <>;;;; AG Webteam [AG] <>;;;;;;;
Subject: Why would Google show my "illegally suspended" twitter account in their search results?

Hello Larry,

Please explain why Google would show my illegally suspended twitter account in Google’s search results?

Is the purpose to try to make me look bad?
How does this benefit people searching for me on Google?
How does it help them find Tom Forrest or GotoTom2?
That is what they are searching for.

Your Victim,

Tom Forrest

Tuesday, July 07, 2020

More Evidence against Twitter and Jack Dorsey of illegally violating my Civil Rights

From: Tom Forrest
Sent: Wednesday, July 1, 2020 10:15 AM
Cc: Tom Forrest ;;;; AG Webteam [AG] ;;;;;;;
Subject: Jack, How do you explain this? More obvious proof of Jack Dorsey illegally violating my civil rights.
Importance: High

Hello Jack,

In one month being on Twitter, you have illegally canceled 18 of my Twitter accounts, deleted all of my “likes” and “followers”, etc.
Jack, you would not let me follow anyone, and you would not let anyone follow me. You would not let me tweet, you are busted again.

Jack, please remember when I busted you and Larry Page working together against me?
I have many screen shots showing my likes and followers you illegally deleted. You are caught red-handed again.

Now as I start using your smaller competitor, your felony crimes committed against me become crystal clear.

Please see screen shot below.

Your Victim,
Tom Forrest

Please notice how fast I can grow and expand my social network on 
The screenshot below was taken only 1-2 hours after the screenshot above was taken.
Twitter will not let me even have one account that works correctly. 
Jack Dorsey has canceled 18 of my accounts in 30 days.

Monday, July 06, 2020

How come no one at Spectrum will fix my Internet service after 3 months of trying?

I have been trying to get Spectrum to fix my Internet for three months.
No one knows how to help at Spectrum, they are a customer service disaster. 
That is my survey.
Do NOT sign up with Spectrum unless you do not have any other choice, like me.

I am paying for 400Mbps download speed, and I receive 137Mbps.
Please see screen shot below.

Spectrum sent a representative (Paul) over and he did not fix my Internet problem.
He should have tried replacing the modem, and Spectrum should turn my speed up to 1000Mbps, their maximum speed to see if that solves my problem.
It has worked properly for a few days out of three months, so I know the speed result and how to test it when it works correctly.
I have seen it working properly with my own eyes for a few days.
The gentleman they sent over just wanted to convince me it was working fine, when clearly it is not.
I explained to him 10 times that I have tested it the same exact way previously and saw the correct speed results. 
It was hopeless with him, he just does not understand.
It is sad that Spectrum does not seem to have anyone available that knows what they are doing. There are people at Spectrum who can fix my Spectrum Internet problem. 
Where are the Spectrum people that know how to fix this? 

From: Tom Forrest
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2020 11:35 AM
Cc: 'Tom Forrest ('
Subject: Spectrum is a Terrible Disaster of an Internet provider.
Importance: High


I am going to start publishing very negative articles on my blogs and hundreds of websites I own about how bad Spectrum Internet service is.
I own hundreds of high traffic websites.
We have had nothing but terrible problems and horrible service from Spectrum. Really no customer service. I wish their was a choice, because I would not choose Spectrum if I had any other options.
We always get 50% of the speed we pay for.
I have wasted days of my time waiting on hold for your pathetic attempts at customer service. 
This is my survey.
You have wasted over $1500 of my time.
This email will be a good start to post on twitter, Parler, google, blogs, Facebook, websites etc.

I will give you 48 hours to fix this, before I start publishing my negative articles about your terrible service.


Sunday, July 05, 2020

What is the "chain of command" when Google illegally spies on people? Why Google Indonesia?

From: Tom Forrest 
Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2020 4:29 PM
To:; AG Webteam [AG] ;;;;;;;; Tom Forrest
Subject: Google breaking into my account using my son in laws Gmail login, which they took illegally.
Importance: High

Google busted red-handed again. 
Illegal break-in on June 10th, 2020
At 12:22 pm.

Google employees read my son in laws Gmails illegally  and broke into my accounts.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

US Congressman Jim Jordan slams the Democratic Party's push to impeach Attorney General Barr as "Completely Ridiculous"

35 Democrats now support a resolution to impeach Attorney General William Barr.
Congressman Jim Jordan, R-OH, explains how ridiculous this is. Unfortunately, as we come closer the the 2020 elections we will see more of the Leftards making up lies and doing unethical things just so President Trump will not win reelection.
Join me and fight the Lamestream media and demand fair and objective news reporting from Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Bizarre Google search, proves Google bias is happening now ...