Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Best Methods to Lose Weight by Dr. Aronne of Cornell University

If you are trying to lose weight this experts advice is your best chance.
Dr. Aronne says to make sure you eat some protein in the morning as this helps to regulate your metabolism through out the entire day.
Also try to to not eat any carbohydrates for breakfast or lunch. Only eat a small amount of carbohydrates in the evening if possible.

Monday, January 14, 2019

the Future For Workers and Managers of the World

The future for workers and managers world-wide is using a secure online "super master control panel" (SMCP). This controls "master control panels" which manages "administrative control panels" that manage and operate thousands of  "dashboards" and websites with Internet, software and databases all combined with the different website applications implementing business solutions to help people improve, automate, manage and keep secure their personal and business vital information.

The #1 starting point of this paradigm

  1. 1.
    a typical example or pattern of something; a model.
    "there is a new paradigm for public art in this country"
    "why should your sets of values be the paradigm for the rest of us?"

OnlinePasswordManager which is the "super master control panel"

Please see example screen shots below of how I use OnlinePasswordManager as my super master control panel.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Check Your Jimmy Johns Delivery Receipts for Overcharges!

By Laura Allen

On 12/9/18 I ordered a sandwich from store #693 at 2334 E. Lincoln Hwy. in New Lenox IL through the Jimmy Johns app.  The amount of my order was $10.08, which includes the $2.50 delivery charge.  The food amount was $6.95. 

The delivery driver asked me to sign the receipt.  I assumed this was to prove the sandwich was delivered, but when I checked my credit card statement I saw the driver added a $5.00 tip to my total charge.  THIS IS A 72% TIP!  It almost doubled my food order!
How often is this happening to people? 

I called the store on 12/27/18 and spoke with Justin, the assistant manager.  He stated that it was the app that overcharged me.  He told me he did not know how to fix it and give me my money back, and he told me to call the next morning and talk with the manager, Jason.  He said he would leave the information for Jason who would be in at 6 am, and I could call anytime after that.  I called at 7:17 am the next morning.  Jason had just arrived to work more than an hour later than scheduled and told me he would have to "look into it".  I asked if he would email, call, or text me back, and he said again "I need to look into it".  

This is unacceptable, and Jimmy Johns is ripping people off whether it's through their employees or their app.  I suspected this had happened to others, and when I searched online I quickly found an instance that happened to another customer in IL.  I have copied and pasted the posting from a Geneva IL customer from April 2018 below.

Be warned:  Jimmy Johns is ripping people off!
Laura Allen, New Lenox IL

Please see another problem like this below.

1070 Commons Dr, Geneva, IL 60134, USA
Apr 25
Update by user Apr 26
I spoke the with store manager directly who moved it up to his manager. They apologized for the delivery driver stealing money from me. They refunded the money and fired the driver.
Original review posted by user Apr 25
I ordered online from store number 433 on 4/23/18, check number 16. My order was $20 and I did not add a tip as I only had about $20 in my bank account.
$20 was charged and my order was delivered. The delivery man had me sign a seperate receipt. Again I signed and did not leave a tip. The delivery man looked pretty pissed as he stormed off.
I checked my bank account today on 4/25/18. The charge from Jimmy John's is $25. That is not right since I did not tip. I dug the receipt out of the garbage and called my bank.
My bank confirmed that Jimmy John's originally charged $20 then took it back and charged $25. This tells me this was not a mistake. A place of business cannot charge my account more because they are upset I did not tip. This is completely unacceptable.
I am not sure if the manager of that store was involved or if it was just the angry delivery driver but something needs to be done about this. I always tip when I order from Jimmy John's and the only time I do not tip due to my own finances (not as a slight against the driver) I get money stolen from me anyways.
This is not okay. I attached a picture of the receipt and a copy of my bank statement.
Product or Service Mentioned: Jimmy Johns Delivery Service.
Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Funny Cat Videos - Cats doing Crazy Stuff

I am not really a cat person, I prefer dogs. Yet cats do funny things that you would not see a dog doing. This video shows several funny cat antics.