Saturday, February 27, 2021

Why is Jack Dorsey of Twitter illegally denying this USA citizen and Journalist her freedom of speech?

Watch Twitter Engineers Explain how people are unfairly and illegally censored. Nothing has changed at Twitter, in fact the unfair censorship of conservatives is increasing everyday. Twitter and Google are still unfairly censoring USA Senators and Congressman.

The person that is unfairly censored is the victim, and the person doing the censoring is the dictator.
Is Jack Dorsey a dictator?  Does the world really want Twitter acting as the censorship police?
I thought Twitter was supposed to be a Platform and not a Publisher.  LOL

See Twitter internal employee Blacklists screenshots

More Twitter Blacklist information
YouTube/Google lies about the number of views that conservative USA Senators and Congressman videos receive. 
YouTube makes conservative videos difficult to find, and deletes the comments.

USA Senator Josh Hawley - 11-17-20

I believe there is an ongoing conspiracy between Jack DorseyLarry PageSergey Brin, and Eric Schmitt to illegally influence elections worldwide. This illegal conspiracy started in 2016, immediately after President Trump won the 2016 elections. Please see my evidence in the 20+ articles on GotoTom2 and GotoTom. I also have a lot more evidence that I have given in private to the US Government Investigators. Furthermore, there are four videos on this blog from a current Google employee caught in an undercover sting, a former Google senior engineer that became an American hero and whistle-blower, named , and a third interview with a Dutch YouTube show that provides even more detailed evidence. Zach gave the DOJ, 950 pages of Google internal documents which include Blacklists.
I am a victim of those blacklists, and then in efforts to silence me Google and Twitter illegally committed multiple felonies against me and my family.
Google is still censoring

This horrible and illegal censorship should never happen, and I am very unhappy with the FCC, DOJ and FTC for allowing this to happen. Our current laws do not allow Twitter to function as a Publisher. 
Please watch the video on this webpage and listen to AG Bill Barr explain this terrible problem, and why it is not what the laws intended to happen to innocent people.