Wednesday, December 03, 2014


Warning, this video may be disturbing as you will see Eric Garner choked by New York city police and he dies in route to the hospital.
The medical examiner ruled this a homicide.

The Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases are very different and should be judged independently.  In my opinion the Eric Garner case is much more troubling as the city of New York will end up paying millions of dollars to the Garner family for at the minimum serious police department policy violations.


This is an interview of Charles Barkley by Brooke Baldwin about the Michael Brown shooting. 
An interesting side note:
There was a better quality video from CNN and it was taken down.  So I assume Charles Barkley must have asked to have it taken down.  So this is a copy someone filmed from the original TV broadcast.

My favorite Charles Barkley quote is:
"Who is going to believe in you if you do not believe in yourself."
Also I know this may sound strange, Charles also gives excellent parenting advice.
"You are not your child's friend you are their parent."
Which I think many parents forget sometimes.