Monday, May 02, 2022

the John Lennon Wall in Prague is Important for all People to See and Experience

Of all the amazing history of Prague the most important and emotional site to see is the John Lennon Wall. The Wikipedia write up is not very informative regarding the history and meaning of "the John Lennon Wall" in Prague, Czech Republic.

Just looking at it on the Internet one may think what is the big deal about a graffiti wall? Looking at this wall on the Internet does not convey the huge importance is has to the Czech people even today. It does not explain how this wall affects 7.9 billion people in the world. Hundreds of millions of people are still suffering like the Czech people had to. Many people visiting the John Lennon Wall have no clue about the long history and struggle for freedom the Czech people had to fight. When I read comments of people visiting the John Lennon Wall, I can tell just by reading their comments which people are ignorant of history, and which people understand the complex historical and strong emotional meaning of freedom and true democracy the wall represents. 

The Russian Communists heinously abused and tortured the Czech people and all they really wanted to do was to be “free and brave”, like the words in the USA national anthem.  E.g. “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. For examples of Czech abuse please read about the Velvet Revolution in 1989
Over 70% of the Czech people (young and old) still have a strong resentment and hatred of Russians.
This seems awkward to me because there are many Russian tourists here in Prague.

Seeing all the people still going to this wall today and writing their hopes and dreams on the wall or political comments, and singing John Lennon songs made my eyes water.
John Lennon was a hero to the people of Central and Eastern Europe during the totalitarian era. When the Communists ruled Prague western pop songs were banned by the Communist authorities, and especially John Lennon's songs. Some musicians were tortured and jailed for even playing John Lennon songs. This is all because his songs were praising freedom that the Communist party did not allow. The Czech protesters called their movement "Lennon-ism" which clearly upset the Communists even more. The Communists claimed the protesters were all mentally ill, alcoholics and evil agents of Western capitalism. Unfortunately John Lennon never had a chance to visit Prague in his lifetime.
The John Lennon Wall evolved over time and people started writing their own feelings, dreams of freedom and success on the wall, and couples writing love notes on the wall, which still happens often.

It is good for Americans to see, as it made me really appreciate how great we have it in the USA.

Also it made me feel that we need to stay strong and not let Russia or China push us around. Many people around the world that I talk with tell me they like Ex-President Obama and how his election proves that anyone of any ethnicity may become the President in the USA. Unfortunately these same people tell me Mr. Obama is too weak in foreign policy and should stand up to Russia and China

Communism is evil, and it sucks the spirit out of people.
Having to suffer under communism still has 
negative effects on the personalities of Czech people today. This is why the John Lennon Wall in Prague means so much to people from every country in the world.

I also know from first hand interviews with many people around the world that most of the people that live in China or Russia would prefer to live in the USA.

Because the USA has the least amount of corruption and the USA is a true democracy. Most people do not understand that this is the main reason the USA is the #1 economy in the world and that the earth is not a safe place and that we could have World War III at any time.  So the USA must be strong and help the suffering people of the world. We must do our best to put an end to countries like North Korea, the USA President should look the President of China in the eyes and tell him that if you invade Taiwan, Philippines or any other country we will kick your ass and beat you into submission. The USA should tell Russia that if you go further and invade Kiev we will kick your ass military. This is what I believe the great US Presidents Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy would have done. America is not a culture that is afraid to stand up and fight for human rights and true democracy for all people in the world. If I was the President of the USA, I would use a military strategy of "cut off the head of the snake", meaning destroy the corrupt political leadership of our enemies as all people of the world want to be like Americans and have the same rights and freedom we have. The people of North Korea would be happy we saved them. Some people ask, why should the USA be the police force for the world?
That is not the correct way to look at it. People should understand that communism and religious fanatics, jeopardize the freedoms we cherish as Americans.
Does anyone in the world think the people starving and abused in North Korea want their current leader Kim Jong-un to stay in power?

This is why the John Lennon wall in Prague means so much to the Czech people and to me. 

I am not just talking, I would be willing to join the US military and fight for these principals as the world will never be a safe place until all countries have a true democracy . Furthermore I (Tom Forrest) used to design and create navigation and guidance systems for intercontinental ballistic missiles (rocket science), and the USA is still 20+ years ahead of the Chinese and Russians in warfare technology. Why do you think the Chinese and the Russians are so focused on breaking into our Defense system super computers and trying to steal our warfare technology top secrets?

Please do not misunderstand me, I do not want war, yet I am not afraid as I believe if there was a war the USA would win.
So why should the USA take any shit from anyone?
We are the #1 super military power in the world.

Russia does not have a true democracy, they have a fake democracy and Mr. Putin is really a Russian Czar. His name should be added to this article in Wikipedia.
I find from my research that most people of the world want to have the same rights Americans have; it is just their corrupt governments preventing this from happening.

Thankfully for the Czech people the last 30+ years have brought huge improvements for them.
They even have better, nicer copies of our American style shopping malls.

Please always remember the struggle the brave Czech people had to fight to win their freedom and how the John Lennon wall is not just important for the Czech Republic, it represents the desire for true democracy and freedom for all people of the world.