Monday, March 30, 2015

Blog Post from Tony Alcock

By Tony Alcock
Close your eyes and forget that she's a nine year old!  In a very short time she has learned to sing and sing most beautifully and remember, she has had only a minimum of vocal training!   It's beyond words!  Truly one of the most amazing talents that has come out of these TV talent shows from many, many countries.  

Thursday, March 05, 2015


This is a very interesting video that I found on Bernard Tyson's Twitter.
It is an excellent video that shows how Kaiser is the leader in health care technology, and you can learn useful information from watching it.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Review and Set Up Information
Like many people I have many wireless devices and had terrible problems getting enough throughput from my FIOS Actiontec wireless router.  This FIOS router works fine for hardwired connections however it is very poor for RF strength and wireless throughput.

I have 150Mbps service from Verizon and the FIOS Actiontec ethernet router only allows 20-47Mbps of throughput to my laptop.  This is using an USB 2.0 internal laptop wireless card, that came with my Sony laptop.

After researching this on the Internet I realized the solution is to upgrade and buy an Asus wireless - AC1900, about $170 on Amazon.
You also need to upgrade your laptop wireless card to USB 3.0, so I purchased the Rosewill-Wireless-Dual-Band-Adapter-AC1200, you plug this into your USB 3.0 connector.  My laptop is about 4 years old and luckily it has an USB 3.0 (blue) connector.  Now within 10-25 feet of the new Asus Access Point (AP) I receive 138-148Mbps on my laptop, this is very good for wireless.  Your mileage may vary as even small adjustments in the usb 3.0 antenna can cause big differences in throughput.  Also if your signal has to go through insulated walls.  

The best way to set this up for most people is to turn the RF off on the FIOS Actiontec router.  You connect to:
enter your login and password and go the the screen that controls the RF signal.