Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Why Online Dating is Not Perfect

I have been studying online dating for years and it would appear at first like it is a great idea. For guys you know that the women are available. Most guys who see an attractive woman in public, quickly find out that she is married or already has a long term boyfriend. It is difficult enough for most guys to talk to attractive women and then when they try, they find out almost all of them are already taken.
So they may think online dating is the answer.

There are different problems for men and women with online dating. The main problem for women is that most (80+) of good looking guys online are married or already have one or more girlfriends.

I always say to women if you think a guy is very attractive and successful, almost all other women do also and he is most likely married or dating other women already.
The problem for men with online dating is that there are reasons why attractive women are online looking for men. Think about it, if an attractive women is online that means that she has most likely already rejected all the men that have approached her in general public. So you see many women online that are 34 to 44 that have never been married. These are all bad news and stay away from them. They write stuff like this:
"I have been told, one too many times, that I apparently have the "intimidating factor". What can I say? *smiles* Even though I tower over everyone, it still doesn't stop me from wearing my high heels! And, at times, I must admit that I feel like I am living among the "little people," (no offense, people under 6') but when I was growing up, was I the only one drinking milk?

I'm content with my life, I'm happy, and I have fabulous friends who keep me busy - there's never a dull moment! I am really blessed to have all the things that I do. All I want now is to feel that spark of chemistry with that someone special that I've been waiting for 38 years, unfortunately no man so far is good enough for me."

I say, if no guy is good enough for you after searching for 38 years perhaps you should become a lesbian.

Guys have to filter out all the women online that are difficult, too picky, and that claim no guy they have dated is good enough for them. At first guys may think it is just them; however when they find out the women in question has rejected the last 47 guys she has dated as not good enough the truth becomes very clear. The best methods of filtering out 80+% of the women that are like this, is to talk with them extensively on the phone before you even bother to meet them. I will give more details about how to do this later.

So if you are a man or a women when you think about the issues I mentioned above you will realize online dating is NO panacea.

Also men are subjected to different types of scams with online dating, e.g. on Match personals there are many Russian and Nigeria Africa scams, where people put up pictures of beautiful women and then email guys, when the guy responds he gets shit like this:

The picture above is from a person who claims to be Jessica Jones and sent this scam email below. Match is so incompetent they make it easy for these scammer criminals to abuse their online dating system.

How are you doing I am very much interested in getting to know more about you. I am really new to this online dating and I haven't met anyone yet through online dating personals but I am willing to get to know someone and get to understand his motives and intentions towards me. I believe once i am been sincere and honest about my kind of person and i am able to help you understand who I really am I think you will be more comfortable getting to know more about me.I am 27 years of age, born on March 17, 1980. I am an only child and have never been married. I have never had children but am willing to be a parent with someone who is ready for permanent commitment relationship. My dad is from Liberia (Half American/Half Liberian) and my mother was from Spain. My dad was a contractor and my mother was a teacher. My mom and dad met in London and that is where I was born. I grew up with both parents until I was seven. They had a misunderstanding so dad had to leave me and mom in London. I lived with mom in London but she was under a lot of stress so she chose to take me to the states to meet her Aunt Elizabeth. I was 8 years old. Mom had to explain everything that went wrong between her and my dad, she didn't even know where he had gone. My mom and I stayed with my great-aunt for two months but then my mother told me that she had to return to London. I missed my mom but she wrote me letters and she phoned me until I was eleven, then I did not hear from her again. I was worried and then shocked when my aunt had to tell me that my mother had committed suicide. The pain of losing my mom has been in me ever since, my aunt took me in as if I were her own daughter and it made me happy to know she loved me with all her heart. She was the only family I had but died of a heart attack when I was seventeen. Since then I have had to make a life of my own doing the things I know how to do best. I kept faith in myself and my belief in Christ. I am a devoted Christan and believe so much in Christ. God has really been my father and my mother and provided me with all the inner strength that I needed. I have a degree in Fashion designing but right now I am on a contract in West Africa, Nigeria precisely, working on a project in fashion design. I am pursuing other interests as well. I was sent here by a company in the states. Once I am through in Nigeria I will be heading up back to the states to sign off my contract then back to Agoura Hills, CA . I lived there but don't have many friends around that area because I am always out of the country for work. I have been to Spain and France but the traveling isn't any fun for me. I had no choices left other than to do what I needed to do. This is my seventh week in Nigeria and I have only a few more weeks left before I leave Nigeria then back to the states. Then I will be settling down and hope to meet my Mr. Right. I don't know who he is yet but I know I will meet him someday soon.I am even willing to relocate to wherever he might be in this world.My closest friends describe me as a person that is real and sincere. Someone that is not looking for anyones baggage or a person to fill a void till you find something better. A person that can appreciate the little things in life and very goal orientated and self dependent. Someone that is a very good friend at all times. My friends would tell you I have a favorite qoute and that is the grass may appear greener on the other side, but that does not mean it is easier to cut. More people in life should think about that. The thing that I appreciate most in a partner is there honesty and personality. It is not one or the other that can make a relationship it is the both of you together. Laughter is the best medicine and realizing that life is too short to be serious all the time. my main goals in life are to be the best that I can be at my job and take my career and run with it. I am looking for a friend that can help me financially, I need some help to make my dreams come true. The keys to a lasting relationship are communication, if you can not communicate with each other and be honest and open then what do you have?
To be supporting of each others goals and dreams. Time alone to enjoy the things each of you like. Friend ship is an important part of making it or breaking it I hope i haven't bored you too much with my long emails. I just want to be more detailed and letting you know everything about me.
Age is not a problem at all to me, I attached several pictures for you, and if you need more I will send as many as you like... lol.

I will be waiting to hear from you.

Jessica Elizabeth Jones