Wednesday, April 14, 2021

USA Senator Ted Cruz exposes the human disaster corrupt Joe Biden has caused at the USA border, childen are being abused and exposed to Covid, etc.

  USA Senator Ted Cruz unfairly censored by Google.

Migrant families will be held at hotels in the Phoenix area in response to a growing number of people crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, authorities said Friday, another step in the Biden administration’s rush to set up temporary space for them.

Update: 4-7-21 - from Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Two separate state agencies received reports of child abuse and neglect occurring at the Freeman Coliseum, problems Abbott says “are a byproduct of [President Joe] Biden’s open border policies and lack of planning and fallout from those disastrous policies.”

He said his administration uncovered four problems related to the housing of these children in San Antonio. They are being sexually assaulted, there are not enough staff to supervise them, some are not eating throughout the day, and those who have tested positive for the coronavirus are not being physically separated from others.

A Yemeni citizen who is on the FBI's Terrorism Watch List was caught entering the USA illegally through the USA/Mexico border.
This is the second time this occurred in the last two months.

Read Ted Cruz's letter to President Biden.

Sen. Ted Cruz showed exclusive video of a woman he identified as a Biden administration staffer blocking him from recording at a migrant facility.

Cruz and Sen. John Cornyn, both Texas Republicans, led a delegation of senators to Donna, Texas, where migrants have been packed into facilities designed for a much smaller number of people. The senators were touring a migrant holding facility in the city.

"Your policies are unfortunately trying to hide them. I understand that you were instructed," Cruz said. "I respect them, and I want to fix this situation, and the administration that you work for is responsible for these conditions."

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 Google and Bing are colluding to unfairly censor USA Senator Ted Cruz and

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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said President Joe Biden’s open border policies are costing the state of Texas “billions of dollars.”

In an interview Paxton said the migrant surge is “a humanitarian disaster and the border towns are suffering more than any others.”

“We have the burdens in our state, we will have to educate them and take care of their health care, we have to figure out their family situation and deal with law enforcement issues,” he said. “It costs the state of Texas billions of dollars.”

Why are we allowing our elections to be controlled by illegal immigrants and demographic change?