Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Chris Archer redeemed himself 4-2-17 vs. the NY Yankees in a home opener with a 7 to 3 win! Go RAYS!!

By Captain Belvedere

You folks may not know it, but you should.
The Chicago Cubs won the World Series last year under the supervision of (prior) RAYS manager Joe Maddon.  Basically Joe used a formula that I have used several times successfully, you take the best and brightest from a prior job, plop them into a current job, and tell them, the "sky is the limit!"
Well, it worked for him last year and he deserves it.  But what you didn't know is that the Angel of Joe's eye was a youngster, just slightly older than Kirk Belvederes age, named Chris Archer.  

Chris is an exceptional pitcher and unfortunately the team (currently owned and run by former Wall Street financiers) bet their entire season on a 27 year old. Unfortunately, last year was a disaster for the RAYS.  Well with all fabulous stories this one has a great ending too!
Chris redeemed himself today vs. the NY Yankees in a home opener with a 7 to 3 win!!   Goooooo  RAYS!!!