Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Fake News will not report about the Hunter Biden emails, which expose illegal corruption by Joe Biden for many years.

Breaking News update:

This is a huge news story that the Fake news is not covering in order to protect corrupt Joe Biden.

The computer is 100% for certain Hunter Biden's, and he left it at the computer repair store.

How can Joe Biden afford to live a billionaires lifestyle on a politicians salary?

Have you seen Joe Biden's house? 

The laptop that Hunter Biden forgot to pick up has videos of him doing drugs and having sex, yet the Leftards and ignorant Adam Schiff still want to claim this is part of a Russian election scam. 

That is ridiculous, and it is very sad that the socialist/communist Democrats want to continue with this false narrative.

I will continue to report the real news, and this will be a long lingering news story.