Tuesday, July 28, 2020

More Evidence against Twitter and Jack Dorsey of illegally violating my Civil Rights

From: Tom Forrest
Sent: Wednesday, July 1, 2020 10:15 AM
To: jack@twitter.com
Cc: Tom Forrest ; Voting.Section@usdoj.gov; Criminal.Section@usdoj.com; Civil_Rights.Section@usdoj.com; AG Webteam [AG] ; ago.info.help@nebraska.gov; ago@state.ma.us; ago.info@vermont.gov; attorneygeneral@doj.nh.gov; attorney.general@delaware.gov; Attorney.General@ct.gov; attorney.general@alaska.gov
Subject: Jack, How do you explain this? More obvious proof of Jack Dorsey illegally violating my civil rights.
Importance: High

Hello Jack,

In one month being on Twitter, you have illegally canceled 18 of my Twitter accounts, deleted all of my “likes” and “followers”, etc.
Jack, you would not let me follow anyone, and you would not let anyone follow me. You would not let me tweet, you are busted again.

Jack, please remember when I busted you and Larry Page working together against me?
I have many screen shots showing my likes and followers you illegally deleted. You are caught red-handed again.

Now as I start using Parler.com your smaller competitor, your felony crimes committed against me become crystal clear.

Please see screen shot below.

Your Victim,
Tom Forrest

Please notice how fast I can grow and expand my social network on Parler.com. 
The screenshot below was taken only 1-2 hours after the screenshot above was taken.
Twitter will not let me even have one account that works correctly. 
Jack Dorsey has canceled 18 of my accounts in 30 days.

Below is a screen shot of what Jack Dorsey has done to me after my 30 days of trying.

View my Post on Parler.com

Please see screenshot from Parler.com 7-2-2020 below. 

Please see screenshot from Parler.com 7-7-2020 below.

Please see screenshot from Parler.com 7-27-2020