Monday, July 06, 2020

How come no one at Spectrum will fix my Internet service after 3 months of trying?

I have been trying to get Spectrum to fix my Internet for three months.
No one knows how to help at Spectrum, they are a customer service disaster. 
That is my survey.
Do NOT sign up with Spectrum unless you do not have any other choice, like me.

I am paying for 400Mbps download speed, and I receive 137Mbps.
Please see screen shot below.

Spectrum sent a representative (Paul) over and he did not fix my Internet problem.
He should have tried replacing the modem, and Spectrum should turn my speed up to 1000Mbps, their maximum speed to see if that solves my problem.
It has worked properly for a few days out of three months, so I know the speed result and how to test it when it works correctly.
I have seen it working properly with my own eyes for a few days.
The gentleman they sent over just wanted to convince me it was working fine, when clearly it is not.
I explained to him 10 times that I have tested it the same exact way previously and saw the correct speed results. 
It was hopeless with him, he just does not understand.
It is sad that Spectrum does not seem to have anyone available that knows what they are doing. There are people at Spectrum who can fix my Spectrum Internet problem. 
Where are the Spectrum people that know how to fix this? 

From: Tom Forrest
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2020 11:35 AM
Cc: 'Tom Forrest ('
Subject: Spectrum is a Terrible Disaster of an Internet provider.
Importance: High


I am going to start publishing very negative articles on my blogs and hundreds of websites I own about how bad Spectrum Internet service is.
I own hundreds of high traffic websites.
We have had nothing but terrible problems and horrible service from Spectrum. Really no customer service. I wish their was a choice, because I would not choose Spectrum if I had any other options.
We always get 50% of the speed we pay for.
I have wasted days of my time waiting on hold for your pathetic attempts at customer service. 
This is my survey.
You have wasted over $1500 of my time.
This email will be a good start to post on twitter, Parler, google, blogs, Facebook, websites etc.

I will give you 48 hours to fix this, before I start publishing my negative articles about your terrible service.