About GotoTom

I work for a technology company that specializes in search engine optimization, website and software development.
I like to play golf, tennis, lift weights, go to the park with my dog Bella and travel around the world.
You can read more about Tom Forrest if you are interested.
I am not affiliated with any political party, so I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican.

I believe in Deism as a religion. I was raised as a Lutheran, and my Mother is very religious, she goes to church every week and works in the church helping people.

My favorite restaurant in the world is:
  • Tuscany il Ristorante in Westlake Village, CA
    No wonder so many big name movie stars enjoy dining at Tuscany il Ristorante. You might find Jamie Foxx at the bar and he is one of the funniest people in the world. He is a liberal Democrat in a restaurant bar full of mostly conservative Republicans.

Some of the best places in the world to visit:
Paris France - Louvre

Perth Australia - Perth Zoo

Santa Barbara California - Glen Annie Golf Course

Monte Carlo Monaco - Oceanographic Museum

Athens Greece - Acropolis

Greek Islands - Hydra - I will never forget the beautiful views the first time my ship arrived in Hydra. 

Venice Italy - Top Things To Do

London United Kingdom - Top Things To Do

Melbourne Australia - Top Things To Do

Amsterdam Netherlands - Where Julius Caesar and Tim F. Caesar liked to enjoy holidays.
Top Things To Do

Prague Czech Republic - Top Things To Do
Walking Tour Following in Mozart's Footsteps
Hockey is the countries national sport and Wayne Gretzky is a huge hero to these people.

Munich Germany - Top Things To Do