Sunday, February 24, 2013

Overview of Computer Network Security

I have been reading more about Hacker attacks and even President Obama talked about computer network security in his last speech.
With each passing year, the security threats perpetrated by evil Hackers all over the world have become more technically sophisticated, better organized and harder to detect.  Furthermore the consequences of failing to block these attacks have increased.  We own and manage many thousands of high traffic web sites and we must spend a huge amount of time trying to protect ourselves and our clients from daily Hacker attacks.  The problem is becoming worse not better.  We have also hired companies with expertise to help protect us.  A good company at this is 3gcgroup, another is AT&T.  In addition to the economic damage of fraud, we are seeing Hacker attacks that impact the security and use of critical infrastructure and national security computer networks.

So currently if we use a war analogy the Hackers are winning. I think using a war mentality is useful in fighting these Hackers.  MIT now has published:

We need to develop new strategies to combat these evil Hackers.  As a battle of good vs. evil we certainly hope the Hackers do not continue to win.