Monday, July 04, 2011

Different TV Technologies

Today there are 3 different TV technologies you can consider buying.

1. Plasma

2. LCD

3. Projection

All of these have advanced greatly over the last few years and the prices have dropped over 50% in the last 2 years.

For projection based TV, I recommend Samsung or Toshiba as the best.

For LCD nothing can beat the Sharp Aquos technology, I think this is the best TV on the market, because you do not have any reflection or glare problems like you do with the Plasma or Projection TVs. If you are in a darker room away from windows, you can save some money and go with the Samsung Projection TV.

Also shop around on the Internet and find the best price and then try to get Circuit City or Best Buy to match the Internet price or come close to matching it. About 3-5% of these TVs can have problems and returning them to a mail order Internet store can be a problem. I bought a Samsung from mail order and purchased the extended warranty. Generally you should never purchase an extended warranty except on projection TVs.

Yesterday I purchased a 52" Sharp LCD TV, model LC-52D62U. This TVs picture is amazing. The best I have ever seen, it even automatically senses the light level in the room and adjusts it as needed.

I found the lowest price on the Internet and Circuit City came close to matching the price. Circuit City wants $3100 for this TV and with price matching they dropped the price $600 to $2500. This is a good value and I love the TV.