Tuesday, May 03, 2016

How to Negotiate With the CA Franchise Tax Board

It is Extremely Difficult to Negotiate with the California FTB
Unfortunately many small businesses are being unfairly and aggressively pursued by the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

Update: I am trying to convince the FTB to drop their case against me and stop wasting the tax payers money.

From 4-1-16:
The following is new and more proof of the California Franchise Tax Boards (FTB), unethical and illegal treatment of me a small business owner.
Please email your State Senator and demand that they take actions to reform the evil and unfair collection actions of the California FTB.
My state Senator is Fran Pavley, please email her and demand she do something to protect business owners and all citizens of the state of California from being treated in an illegal and unethical manner. So the citizens of California do not have their civil rights violated by the CA FTB.