Friday, June 20, 2014

Key West Florida Vacation & Holiday - Boycott

By: Tom Forrest

Why You Should Boycott Key West Florida for Vacations & Holidays.

I flew into Fort Lauderdale Florida and drove down to Key West Florida with my family for my Mother's birthday party. I wish someone would have warned my about the evil scams the Monroe County Sheriffs implement on innocent tourists. Most of the drive is one lane and it becomes clogged up during the high season in January and February, except over a few spots where there are two lanes going each way. I never speed and have never had a speeding ticket in my entire life, I was following a black Dodge Charger in the right lane and it seemed odd when this Dodge Charger pulled over into the left lane illegally not using his turn signal, indicating that he wanted me to go ahead of him, and it appeared he was waving to me to go ahead of him as we were just about to merge into one lane again. Since I am a courteous driver I accelerated slightly and then Sheriff Bubba the evil scammer pulled me over, he was driving an unmarked black Dodge Charger and had heinously lured me into his evil unethical trap. I told Sheriff Bubba that I was not even speeding and he lied and said I was going 72 miles per hour and gave me a ticket. I told him I knew he was preying on innocent tourists and doing an evil scam. He could not even look me in the eyes and turned his head away because we both knew exactly the devious tricks he pulled on me. Then when he handed me the ticket he told me he did not know what the amount of the ticket was, and this was just another lie, because he stays in the exact same spot all day long pulling the same evil scam on tourists all day long. We phoned my brother to warn him and my brother told me when he went by the same spot on the road Sheriff Bubba was giving a ticket to another innocent tourist. So if this has also happened to you please email me at and I will publish your story for free and promote it all over the Internet on Google, Twitter and Facebook. This is a worthy endeavor to help stop terrible Monroe County Sheriff scams like this on innocent people. This is the USA and I do not want tourists from Europe and other parts of the world thinking Americans will tolerate this sort of crap. Sheriffs should be here to serve and protect people, not use dirty tricks to rip off innocent tourists.

Why does the Governor of Florida allow these dirty tricks by the Monroe County Florida Sheriff's Department?

It hurts tourism and now I am on a project to expose and help stop these evil scams.