Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Many Reasons Why SSD is Faster and Better than HHD

Many Reasons Why SSD is Faster and Better than HHD

On several tests the SSD wins going away, recording a throughput of 249.53 MB/sec, compared to 105.66 MB/sec for the conventional hard disk. The WinSAT benchmark also calculates an Overall Responsiveness index, where the SSD in this system clocks a score of 21.02, compared to 86.15 for the HHD.

Now you can purchase a 250 MB SSD - Samsung for $182

 These is a fantastic thing to do if you work on a computer often.

The following video shows a test of ssd vs. hdd for speed and in this test ssd is over 400% faster.  Yes it is quite amazing.
The only other comment I can make about this video is some people really get into proving the test results by filming it live.

Regarding a lap top and no need for an optical drive 

I do not need a optical drive in my laptop.
I will just purchase an external drive, like the article below states.
So I will have a ssd and a hdd in my laptop with no optical drive.