Saturday, February 17, 2007

Anything we want to Discuss


I am working on some new articles for this blog. I also want to change the name to just a general blog, where I discuss any topics I want to.

Please email articles or comments to me and if I like them I will publish then in this new blog I am creating.


Old Problems with Blogger Fixed

Follow up to problems with the old blogger.

I had created a blog named gototom blog. It never worked in blogger and we could never figure out why?

Now the new and improved blogger is out and it some how found the orginial gototom blog. It made it duplicate content to another blog I have for htpcompany blog. So Google fixed one problem and created another problem for me. Now in a month or two I will show this post to Matt Cutts of Google if I still have a duplicate content penality from the problem Blogger / Google has caused me.