Updates on Richie, Bones and PJ (Laura)

I just keep working on this project. It is difficult work, no one cares much to help me or donate any money. People would rather help a cat or a dog, not a mentally ill homeless human being.

In just a few weeks I have proved this "adopting a homeless person" can be done, and I will continue on long term.  I decided to specialize in the most difficult and dangerous mentally ill homeless cases. Yes some women are impressed by my bravery, however my mother and sisters are just worried I will be harmed or killed. I am in a perilous and risky business helping mentally ill homeless people.
As a scientific experiment I am extremely disappointed with my results as far as no one else being interested to help me or donate money. Furthermore I think I am the only one really doing this. Many web sites talk about how one might adopt mentally ill homeless, however I am the only one implementing a plan of action.  The mentally  ill homeless people phone me often asking for more help, and I just keep telling them if people donate, I will be able to do more for Richie, Bones, PJ, and I have several others that want to be on my waiting list. Summer is #1 on the waiting list.  I am verifying each persons story, in order to make sure I know the truth, as I want to focus on people like Richie that I am 100% certain need my help. I will work with Lutheran Social Services (LSS) to learn more and decide who is the most deserving of my help.
Ms. Patti Polymath is correct again that the "Richie situation" is much more complex then I can even explain, and that a positive solution will be very difficult to obtain. I am still not giving up, and I will stay the course long term.

If you decide to help the mentally ill homeless please be prepared to be frustrated as sometimes they may lie to you, steal from you, and/or harm you. Furthermore they may try to take advantage of your good nature. You must try to use "tough love" meaning if they do not appreciate your help, then help a different mentally ill homeless person. Unfortunately in our society there are plenty of homeless people that do need and want your help. The hardest part is not to "let your feelings be hurt", e.g. you try to help them and they do not appreciate the long term advice you are giving them, or they cuss you out, etc. You must remember they are mentally ill and not normal, so how can you expect them to act normal? 
They may phone you asking for money, or a ride or food, etc. Then when you return their call they might be in some weird psychotic mode and tell you "not to phone them and more", when they just asked you for help.

I was thinking about what my priority list would be if I was homeless.  Below are not in complete order, however I believe medications would be my #1 priority, and look what happens to schizophrenics  that do not take their medications. Three years ago before Richie's mother died she took care of him and made sure he took his medications.  Richie was 85% better, close to normal. So society failed Richie, I bet President Obama and Republicans would agree, this costs society much more money, than figuring out a low cost way to keep homeless Schizophrenics on their medications.

  1. Medications
  2. https://www.medi-cal.ca.gov/
  3. phone
  4. address - so I could collect SSI, Food Stamps, etc.
  5. city bike with lock.
  6. good sleeping bad
  7. ??
I have found an effective way to work with Richie.
When I tell Richie I am going to get SSI, food stamps and medical for him. I do not think he even understands what I mean. He becomes slightly upset and tells me he wants a job. Then I say "Richie, who sent me to help you?"  Richie says God; then I say don't you think you should listen to me if God sent me to help you?  Richie agrees and I tell Richie first I have to get you an apartment before I can give you a job. I cannot have you working for me out in the street like that. Again Richie agrees.  

Helping the mentally ill homeless is very difficult and very few organizations or cities will help.
No one donates money...etc.

I gave out $400 today to four new homeless people.  I am trying to figure out why so many new homeless people are showing up in Thousand Oaks.
Today I met PJ a lady mentally ill homeless person, that is more coherent than Richie.  So far Richie has the worst mental illness I have seen.  PJ told me Bones is back in the hospital which made me happy to hear.  Somehow typing these updates gives me some small sense of relief.
The city of Thousand Oaks will not help these mentally ill homeless, the Catholic church will not help these people.  The only ones that help them are the Lutheran's.

I bought Richie food and a new guitar for $100, it is very therapeutic for him. Instrumental Music gave us a big discount and Richie is actually a fairly good guitar player.  Richie is not some "monster" that everyone looks at and no one helps.  He has a kind and loving spirit in his nature.  I will say listening to him constantly talking to voices is extremely difficult for me.  

I used to be afraid of Richie when I saw him around Lenses Crafter's and Jack in the box on Moorpark Road.  7-11 off of  Moorpark Road is a big hangout for some of the homeless people.

I went into the 7-11 and gave my business cards to the owner and told him to give them out to the homeless people, because I am going to help them, obtain food, medical and housing.

I do not know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, however rarely does someone forget who I am and what I want to see accomplished.

The owner of the 7-11 just stared at me for a very long time and then he said "God Bless you sir."

I sent the blog link to all the top city of Thousand Oaks management.

I know they all watched it because I sent it in late Sunday night and my traffic shot up for 10-15 minutes and then my traffic went dead.  Sunday night is generally very slow for many websites.  I also know it is being passed around the city, because I am a nerd and I can detect these events with my special software tools.

I wonder why someone from the city would not at least send me a thank you email, saying they have reviewed my website and video and will respond to me as soon as possible.

Now I can have some fun with this... the city has a chart that shows the "Residents of Thousand Oaks" at the top, it sounds nice, however who really believes that?

If I sent an email to someone who really works for me, they would respond.  No one in my business ignores me and I have many hundreds of people all over the world in many countries working for me.  Furthermore I am very proud of the fact that the jobs I create help feed and house thousands of terribly poor people world-wide.